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Nmc Bikes - We are Ireland's official Beta motorcycle importer based in Co, Wicklow. 

About Beta 

Initially in motocross and enduro, trial from the early ‘80s and Enduro since 2006. The close involvement with motorcycle racing led to the victory of 7 Trial Outdoor World Championships, 6 Trial Indoor World Championships, 7 European Championships and over 100 National Championships all around the World.

In 2004, the Beta marque returned to four-stroke enduro with a major investment both in product development and in its presence on the competition track. In this new field, Beta remains faithful to its mission, that is to inspire in motorcyclists a natural and instinctive riding style. Highly technical and sports-oriented the DNA of its bikes may be, but they still need to transmit optimum feel and deliver maximum fun.

In 2004 Beta presents the first 4-stroke engine designed and specifically dedicated to Trial, enlarging its range and making its brand becoming increasingly synonymous with the sport.


Year 2010 represents a milestone in the Beta's history: the birth of the 4-stroke engine enduro. This allows Beta to become completely independent in the production and gradually increase its presence in this market.

In the year 2012 Beta introduced a new 2 stroke 250/300  enduro model. All new from the ground up its been a strong competitor in world enduro championship and extreme enduro. 

At NMC bikes we strive to deliver a top quality service. We stock all genuine beta parts and if we don't have a item in stock it will be ordered directly from the factory with our bi-weekly orders. 


Looking for parts and accessories? Shop our parts section for everything from Genuine Beta Parts to Rock oil lubricants, All balls racing bearings, and many more! We aspire in giving complete customer satisfaction. This is why we hand picked a team of the best, most knowledgeable staff in the industry to serve you. 


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